The Art of Being Like-able


By Jennifer Terrell

We’re surrounded by images and stories. We “like” things, we “pin” things, we “favorite” things. Social media is ingrained in our everyday lives, so much so that over half of online adults utilize more than one site on a daily basis. Yes, it’s an amazing chance to share personal images with family and friends around the globe, but it also offers dynamic opportunities for professionals to market both themselves and their services.

Real estate is definitely a “likeable” subject and prospective clients want to feel their agent is trustworthy and community- minded. They’re about to make the biggest purchase of their lives; they want to hire a knowledgeable expert. Social media is a great way to digitally showcase your information and what you do for your clients. The best way to do that is simple – be yourself! Showcase your personality and what you’re doing for your community. Highlight events or locations unique to the area. Create a warm and welcoming neighborhood. Homebuyers want to know their REALTOR® is human, so show them!

A great way to do this is by showcasing photographs and videos. Visual medium can do so much in such a short amount of time. Snap photos and videos of yourself within the community. People love to interact with posts, too. They start conversations. Eating at your favorite waterside restaurant? Post a photo and start a dialogue about it! Photographs of a family or a couple standing in front of their new home with a SOLD sign proudly displayed is great for both you and your client. It’s a marketing tool, but it’s also a way to make each client feel appreciated and praised. Before you know it, they’re sharing the same photo with their family and friends allowing the social impact of a single, special moment to grow exponentially.

On a smaller scale, using social media to broadcast interior photos of a home will also generate excitement. Consider the craze behind HGTV’s programming. It isn’t just about selling; it’s about being top of mind. Showcase the home’s interior details or design and generate an exciting conversation online about the home.

Everyone is “tweeting” their feelings and “gramming” their daily journeys. With each social media tool, there are pros and cons. So let’s take a brief look at each and see what they have to offer.

The Internet’s Goliath. Nearly 60 percent of American adults are on Facebook. Your mom. Your grandma. Even that cousin you barely talk to who only posts photos of her cat. It’s a platform that works for everyone, and it’s easy to use.

Pro – Everyone is on it.
Con – Everything is on it.

The conversation that just keeps rolling.

Pro – It’s a fast-paced way to network and to tap into conversations that are strong models in your business.
Con – It’s harder to engage your followers on Twitter than with other social media sites.

A digital board where you pin your favorite things and ideas.

Pro – It’s an amazing way to save, sort and manage content and collections of information.
Cons – It’s also very addicting. One minute you’re pinning, the next it’s bedtime and you’ve forgotten to eat dinner and watch “Scandal.”

A networking tool to build your professional identity and resume.

Pro – It’s a great way to get your business and your professional self out there, as well as all the details that make your business unique.
Con – While it’s a great site for business connections, LinkedIn isn’t ideal for your clients.

One of my favorites! Instagram is a great way to post exciting images that tell a visual story about your day.

Pro – It’s expanding like crazy and is a great place for local businesses to grow their network.
Con – It’s more about educating a viewer about your style and not about sharing information.

Social media can take up a lot of your time if you don’t educate yourself about it before diving in and regulating your time wisely once you’re swimming in the social media pool. Just 10 minutes a day – or 45 minutes once a week – is enough to post your highlights. By using social media in a savvy way, you’ll remain top of mind, be able to spend the remainder of your busy day with clients and get that next home #SOLD.

Jenny Terrell is director of sales and marketing at Spacecrafting Photography and Video. Jenny wears multiple hats each day – walking custom clients through the photography process from start to finish, art directing photo shoots, working with the in-house editing team, and training photographers. That’s how she likes it. Every day is different, challenging and exciting. She draws on her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Visual Arts and her 10 years as an architectural photographer with a nationwide photography firm.