Real Estate Agent of the Month Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins

With Compassion & Integrity

By Elizabeth Morse

With a successful and multiyear career serving as a military officer in the Army, Jonathan Hawkins knows a thing or two about servicing his clients and earning respect in the real estate industry. He now devotes his time and efforts to helping his clients find the perfect home somewhere along the Orange County coastline.

Hawkins’ real estate journey began when he applied for an internship while attending UCLA, a process that was unique and confidential.

“It was a blind interview – I didn’t know who or what company I was interviewing for until I was there.” Hawkins recalls of the experience.

Fortunately for Hawkins, he was placed in the hands of world renowned Coldwell Banker REALTOR® Joyce Rey the executive director of the luxury brand, Previews International. He remarks that Rey’s phenomenal approach to marketing, client interactions and servicing her clients were three qualities Hawkins admired. In fact, he ended up carrying those three qualities into his own business, building the foundation of his motto, “Service, Integrity, Success.”

With a degree in international relations from UCLA and his military intelligence background, Hawkins is confident he has all the skills and the upper hand during negotiations in the industry. Along with his military service experiences lending a unique perspective, he also has vast knowledge and experience in management, public relations, residential lending and mortgage servicing.

It’s not just his skill set that differentiates him from other agents. Hawkins explains that he’s just a “normal person,” and his priority – not just within real estate – is helping others. He describes his life as a new father to a 6-month-old, as family-oriented. He loves taking trips to Disneyland and traveling. An Orange County native, he elaborates on his love for the “beach life.” He now resides in the Huntington Beach area where he describes his oceanfront office as the “Surf City USA” lifestyle.

“I’m the shorts, sandals and beach kind of guy,” Hawkins says.

Influences and Moving Forward
Hawkins was recently awarded the 2015 Coldwell Banker Campbell REALTORS® Rookie REALTOR® of the Year in Orange County. In 2013, he received the Presidential Call to Service Award from President Barack Obama for the countless hours he devoted to volunteer organizations, which included Wounded Warrior Project, American Red Cross and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Hawkins credits his grandfather for being the driving force in his life. He explains that his grandfather had a way to push him outside of his comfort zone and to achieve the insurmountable success he has reached today.

“At 19, I was the youngest commissioned Army officer,” Hawkins explains. “He always pushed me to work harder and never give up.”

In the real estate realm, Hawkins quickly credits his clients. Finding the perfect house and locking in that purchase is one of the greatest rewards to him. When asked how he knows he’s found the right home for his clients, Hawkins shares that – though it’s cliché – he can confirm it’s the right fit by their reaction when they first step foot on the property.

“I love the unknown because I think a lot of people don’t realize that the majority of what you learn in real estate school hardly ever applies to the ever-changing transactions,” Hawkins says.

One of the more difficult parts of the job is dealing with extremely emotional clients who are in stressful situations, such as divorce, loss of a loved one, bankruptcy and foreclosure. While it can be difficult at times and for REALTORS® not accustomed to those types of situations or clients, it remains a great source of satisfaction when Hawkins can provide solutions for his home-seeking and home-selling clients.

He also acknowledges and advises other real estate agents, especially those in the Orange County beach areas where prices for houses average about a million dollars, to remember that even when a million dollars isn’t an issue for a buyer, it’s still a large sum of money and a significant investment.

Moving forward, Hawkins has two goals in mind – continue growing in the luxury division and expanding his clientele in distressed situations. He explains that the emotions run 10 times higher than other situations, but it is a task most REALTORS® stray from, which makes it a sector of the industry in demand. Working with those types of situations and clients allows him to build a stronger luxury division reputation as well, such that his luxury clientele can see his demonstrated calm and confident demeanor when it comes to high-stress situations.

He is the principal for The Hawkins Group of Coldwell Banker and proudly serves Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Newport Coast and Corona del Mar among many other cities, both in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

For those interested in pursuing a career in real estate, Hawkins offers two pieces of advice that intertwine.

“It is next to, if not impossible to work another job,” Hawkins begins. “This is not your typical nine to five job and I recommend that you invest in it as a full-time agent because the best way you’re going to make strides forward is to put the client first. Putting the client first relies heavily on responsiveness to their demands. If you’re not available to show a property at a phone call’s notice, they will not hesitate to move forward with another agent. It’s important to put the client first and the only way to do that is to be a full-time agent.”

Hawkins is truly redefining relationships one client at a time. He is the epitome of a servant leader and does not hesitate to lend a helping hand. His past clients speak to the level of confidentiality, professionalism and humor that he is able to bring with him no matter the situation. With compassion and integrity, Jonathan Hawkins is truly paving the way for others and is always in search of the next client to demonstrate his “Service, Integrity, Success.”