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Sherco Construction, Inc.
79 North Lake Street Forest Lake, MN 55025 (651) 462-1817
“We love working with local REALTORS®. They
are sharp, professional, and know their clients. Together we take away most of the hassle and worry that is typically associated with a custom built project.”
“His creative designs, together with our technology, makes it so much easier for our buyers to actually see and participate in the design of their home,” says Tom. “It’s pretty amazing. We can sit in our conference room with them and view their home plans on a large monitor and actually watch the design change; a wall moved or a room expanded right before their eyes. Frequently, we begin with one of our existing home plans and then manipu- late it to fit their ideas. They really like that, it’s much more excit- ing than looking at a traditional blueprint.”
“We’ve always had great REALTOR® relationships,” adds Sheri. “We have an even greater appreciation for what they do, and are able to help them put their buyer’s in the home of their dreams.”
“I think we’re a really good fit, or tool actually, for REAL- TORS®,” says Tom. “Whether their buyer already has a lot, wants to build on one of ours or is purchasing land, we make the pro- cess so much easier.
“Some transactions are more complicated,” Tom continues. “For instance, it’s not uncommon to find a perfect lot with an existing home on it. That’s called a teardown and typically would add not only an additional step, but even another contractor. We can handle everything from start to finish. It’s certainly easier for the buyer.”
“We love working with local REALTORS®,” says Sheri. “They are sharp, professional and know their clients. Together we take away most of the hassle and worry that is typically associated with a custom built project.”
Green and Clean
Native Minnesotans, the Carlisles are passionate about the great outdoors. They realize that the beauty and natural wonders of our area must be protected and preserved, and as builders are proud to do their part.
Sherco Construction is also a participating builder in Min- nesota’s Green Path, a green building program of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC), developed in partner- ship with Residential Science Resources (RSR). Minnesota’s Green Path is a network of builders, architects, suppliers, lender, and real estate agents working together to improve efficient con- struction and remodeling of homes.
“We go the extra mile and spend a little more upfront, to add value, efficiency, savings and higher resale value to our homes,” explains Tom. “Best of all, we’re doing our part to preserve the awesome beauty of our state.”
“Also, we have third-party inspectors, Residential Science Resources, to test everything and receive a report to make sure we’re doing it right,” says Sheri.
Deep Roots-Solid Foundation
High school sweethearts, Tom and Sheri met at Forest Lake High School and have been together ever since, raising four boys together and running a 460-acre farm.
“We have about 300 head of cattle and grow corn and soy- beans,” says Tom. “I was raised on a farm and I guess it’s just something that gets in your blood. It’s hard work, but we love it.”
A third generation Minnesotan, Tom’s grandparents were among the first settlers in the area. Tom’s father and uncle worked in real estate, and now, there is a second generation in construction.
Sons, Nick, Joe, David and Codey, are now grown with lives of their own. Joe, the second to oldest, worked in the fam- ily business for 10 years before launching his own company, Wilderness Builders, two years ago. Further honing his skills, he’s waiting in the wings to take over the family business when Mom and Dad retire.
Regular participants in the Parade of Homes, Sherco Construction is a respected, award-winning builder built on old-fashioned family values based on honesty, integrity and trust. Repeat customers say they appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and superb customer service. As anyone can see in their motto, “We’re not building homes, we’re build- ing relationships.”
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