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As the song goes, “You can’t always get what you want,” which is fine when buying a shirt, appliance or even a new car. But, should we really have to settle when it comes to the place where we’ll raise our families,
build a future, create memories?
Tom and Sheri Carlisle, owners of Sherco Construction don’t
think so. For more than a quarter of a century, this family-owned custom home builder has been helping Minnesota families cre- ate their dream home, whether it’s built from the ground-up or an existing home remodeled.
“We’ve always prided ourselves on building homes to our cus- tomers’ specifications,” says Tom, “to suit their everyday living wants and needs. Equally important, is that our buyers know that their new home is built with singular care and quality, and that we will be here to stand behind that promise.”
In fact, just recently Tom was prompt in responding to a home- owner who had purchased from Sherco Construction more than 14 years ago. Apparently, the homeowner was facing an issue with his septic system and called Tom directly, with immediate results. That’s unprecedented in the homebuilding industry.
Custom is a term Sherco Construction takes quite literally and very seriously. Choices for customers begin with the land and con- tinue down to the smallest detail. While the builder currently has more than a dozen new neighborhoods under construction, each home may be modified or customized to suit a particular buyer. They will build on a customer’s lot or theirs. Or, if preferred, they can remodel their client’s current home. What’s more, they make the entire process incredibly easy and streamlined.
“Say for instance, a buyer has found the perfect lot for their new home,” Tom explains, “rather than separate loans for the property, construction and then finally a mortgage, we’ll pur- chase the land and carry the construction loan, so all the buyer needs worry about is a standard mortgage. We try to make it as easy as possible for them to build their dream.”
They also offer some very attractive alternatives to make it possible for people to purchase, including a 3 percent down pro- gram, as well as the very popular trade-in program.
“We understand that many people are reluctant to move be- cause of the hassle of selling their existing home,” says Sheri. “Our trade-in program is a great solution. We purchase their
home at an agreed upon price, which offers convenience, savings in time and trouble and a guaranteed sale, providing peace of mind to move on to their next transaction making it a wonder- ful alternative.”
Rookie of the Year
One of the reasons Sherco Construction is able to offer such creative options is due to the fact that they not only build the homes, but sell them as well.
“It’s just another way to enable us to offer our buyers a little more,” says Tom.
When they began, the Carlisles’ small construction company built custom homes for a handful of customers, as well as a few spec homes a year. A master carpenter, Tom’s focus was almost solely on construction, so it made sense to partner with local REALTORS® to handle the marketing and sales. Over the years, their reputation for quality and customer service grew and so did the business. While more and more custom home buyers gravitated to Sherco Construction, the demand for spec homes also increased.
The Carlisles were growing too; raising four sons and expand- ing their expertise to include every aspect of the homebuilding business. Their goal was to have more control so they could offer their customers more options. Part of this plan included Tom becoming a licensed REALTOR®, which he did two years ago.
“We’ve learned a lot,” he acknowledges, “and we’ve all learned together. We didn’t have a mentor, we learned by doing. It’s in- credible how much you discover just by being at the open hous- es. It’s one thing to get feedback from a third party, but hearing your buyers’ comments directly is much more effective and we’re able to respond faster.
“Sometimes, I don’t even tell people that I’m the owner,” Tom continues. “I want them to be as frank and direct as possible. That way, we can tailor things to what they really want.”
Another unexpected outcome for Tom, was being named 2014 Rookie of the Year by REMAX Integra Midwest.
“That was a very nice surprise,” he says proudly. “But it wasn’t just me, it was definitely a team effort.”
The team which he refers to, now includes a fulltime drafts- man/designer who personally sits down with each buyer to en- sure they get a home that’s precisely what they envision and built to suit their lifestyle.
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